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The Here and Now

Wine Intelligentsia and Girls Gone Wine have now joined forces in L.A. starting autumn 2015, and very much in keeping with the ever growing evolution towards feminine subtlety of touch in the historically macho world of ‘The Sommelier’, will be offering a feminine take on a wide variety of wine related services from social events to intimate ‘themed’ introductions to wine, in keeping with and adding to the fast changing nature of the highly mobile Los Angeles social scene.

Girls Gone Wine – The Story

While Lauren was working as a sommelier in France she decided, with a friend and fellow sommelier, Calie, to create a new concept : “Girls Gone Wine”.

These two wine specialists share a common passion for oenological discoveries and most importantly, a craving to learn and explore the best things gastronomy has to offer.

After passing their sommelier diplomas, they fused their creative minds to launch their own wine tasting concept.

The Idea was to organise ‘Pop Up’ events and quality light catering events around the theme of wine, whether a specific wine or a wine region, depending on the requirements, but with the discovery of wine as the key.

Their bubbly characters and over flowing energy turned the concept into an instant hit in Lyon, establishing Girls Gone Wine with a reputation for relaxed, fun, yet quality events, that soon took them to Paris and elsewhere doing film wraps and other star studded events.

In 2013 Lauren took part in her 1st wine tasting competition ‘La Bouteille Blanche’ which aims to establish each year’s best sommelier in the French Alpine region, and came in 3rd and highest placed woman in the competition.

Lauren et Calie Tracteur

Wine Intelligentsia, Inc. was founded in Los Angeles, California in August 2010 by Laurent P. Michit, Certified Advanced Sommelier. Lauren Caro joined forces in February 2016 after several successful wine tasting events in France. Our main task is to share and distribute our knowledge, interest and education to wine novices, collectors, wineries, importers, distributors, specialty retails stores and restaurants owners.

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