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Make your next receptions, events, private or corporate unforgettable for you and your guests by adding a professional Sommelier!


  • Festive Wine receptions for your lunch, cocktail hour, dinner, cruise, private jet…
  • Customized Wine tasting for any special occasion:
  • PRIVATE: Home Party, Birthday, Baby Shower, Bachelorette or Bachelor Party, Wedding…
  • CORPORATE: Exhibition, Opening, Pop Up’, Retreat, Incentive, Teambuilding, Seminar, Conference, Wrap Party, Retirement…
  • + Quizz, Games, Goodies…
  • Wine and Food Pairing
  • Complete reception prepared by a private Chef, with wines selection and full service for a special event or the time of your sojourn!


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Gastronomy and Wine Pairing is a partnership between Chef Alejandra Espinoza and Certified Advanced  Sommelier Lauren Caro.  A positive energy was born and the desire to collaborate on sharing our passion, education and knowledge from our 8 years fine dining restaurants experiences.  We are very pleased to accommodate and create for you a unique, memorable and delish moment!

Why this strange name? First of all, ‘Ground’ represents the Floor of a kitchen. We don’t want to open a restaurant, we want to create and cook everywhere we can — so each floor, wherever we are, is ours for a fantastic culinary experience that could last for 10 minutes or for 10 years. It’s our ever-changing challenge. Then, it means Earth, where vegetables come from. We want to create culinary experiences with the best products, locally sourced from the best places. And it also means the Powder of Spices – to have ‘ground’ [verb ] the seeds from the earth into spice – and we use a lot a different spices in our cuisine. Finally, it represents our beginning – our roots – our Origins. We come from different countries, with different journeys and different stories, that we want to share with you through our food.

Inspired by our roots in both Ecuador and France, our time working in some of the world’s best restaurants and developing brands for global companies – and a chance encounter between 2 creative women in San Francisco — GROUND KITCHEN was born.  Using the purest products, and creative twists, we want to create a “delish” food story for you!

Ground Kitchen Services

Ground Kitchen offers several culinary experiences in California. Based in San Francisco, Camille and Alejandra love to travel all around California and create new amazing venues. Private Chef Dinner and Cocktail, Pop-up Restaurant, Cooking Class and Consulting for Gastronomy Industry, Ground Kitchen team is always seeking for “Delish” challenges. 

Ground Kitchen’s team




Ecuadorean born and French trained at the prestigious Institut Paul Bocuse, she used to work with ones of the most famous Chefs like Alain Ducasse and Guy Savoy…

She still travels around the World, always looking for new flavors and high quality products to create the most balanced recipes.




French born with North African roots, she used to work for International luxury brands based in Paris. Designing new concepts is her favorite game, test new experiences, her goal. 

She is definitely a trend seeker, always looking for the perfect product to have, place to be and sensation to feel. 


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Wine Intelligentsia, Inc. was founded in Los Angeles, California in August 2010 by Laurent P. Michit, Certified Advanced Sommelier. Our main task is to share and distribute our knowledge, interest and education to wine novices, collectors, wineries, importers, distributors, specialty retails stores and restaurants owners.

2744 S Beverly Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90034
Phone: (310) 945-8805

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